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Ajax Theory

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  • Introducing the best Javascript Inheritance Technique
    Every programmer who's tried to apply classical Object Oriented techniques when developing with JavaScript, has at one time or another asked themselves the question: How do you call or invoke a super class method? Before the Ajax craze got into full swing, this question rarely arose because most developers were only exposed to the language when doing client-side form validation or simple DHTML / DOM element visibility toggling. read full article»


  • How to Profile and Optimize Ajax Applications

    The first thing to know about profiling happens far, far before you do an optimization session, at the beginning of your project; it is one of the most challenging phases because it requires you to balance two different approaches that people struggle with.

    The first rule is to avoid premature optimization at all costs. I have literally been at companies that I've seen destroyed by premature optimizations. read full article»


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